These rules are the official rules of the dojo and must be followed at all times.

Greet Shomen (Front of the Dojo) with rei (bow) when entering and leaving the dojo, showing respect for those that have gone before.

It is prohibited to enter the dojo with shoes.

Greet those who are present in the dojo by saying "hello", acknowledging the instructor "Sensei" prior to the others.

It is prohibited to smoke or chew gum in the dojo.

Senior members shall be kind, considerate and helpful to the junior members and through this effort will result a friendship based on the fact that we are all striving for the same goal.

Newer members shall always show their utmost respect for the seniors, always greeting them first.

Profanity will not be permitted to be used in the dojo.

Address the instructor by "Sensei".

Members shall respect the instructor who shall in turn strive to be an example in front of the students.

Be proud in your study of Chito Ryu.

Practice courteous manners.

Students must bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.

Respect the ideals of loyalty, honor and those elders who have come before you.

Students must wear a traditional white Uniform (Gi) with both Chito Ryu and Halifax Ryuseikan crests attached to uniform to all practice sessions.

Your Karate Gi (Uniform) must be clean and in proper order.

If you arrive late for class, you must wait until the instructor invites you to join the class.

If you must leave early, please advise the instructor as soon as possible.

Please keep finger- and toe-nails short so as not to injure yourself or others.

There is no Kumite (sparring) permitted without the instructor’s permission.

Students must not engage in idle talk while in the Dojo and should remain attentive at all times.

Students must always be courteous and helpful to each other.

Demonstrate your utmost courtesy in regards to anything that is tied to Karate or to your Dojo, whether during training or not, both on & off premises, and especially when representing your Dojo.

Have a clean body and clear mind before entering the Dojo.

Resolve conflicts before they occur by not allowing them to happen.

Students must not chew gum or candy, or eat while in the Dojo.

Try to go to the restroom before class begins. It is also recommended not to eat at least one hour before class.

Refrain from outbursts and comments during class, no matter what it pertains to.

Refrain from violent behavior.

All classes and groups of exercises should begin and end with bowing

Students should never use their Karate skills, except in self-defense.

Do not encourage others to break the rules.

What happens if you break a rule?Edit

Depends on the rule. Minor offences, such as chewing gum, usually result in pushups or situps. A major offence may result in a temporary ban from the dojo. It this is repeated, it may lead to a permanant ban.